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Message from Missy

Friendly Hills is very near and "dear to my heart". In November of 1963 my parents John & Mildred DeFerraro purchased a home on Bocagrande Dr and the next month I was born. I literally grew up in your neighborhood riding my bike up and down the big hills with my friends, playing outside until the street lights came on and watched as the newer section being built in the early 70's.

In 1986 I married Gary Platt and moved into his grandparent's farm house on Roth Rd who settled in this area in 1938. Their farm backed to the older section of Friendly Hills and in the late 1960's, they sold a large tract of land to the developer which is now the newer section of Burlingame & Juarez Ct. This is where I currently live and have lived for the past 25 plus years. Being so close to my "roots", I take great pride in your neighborhood because it is where I currently live too. In fact, my brother still lives in my childhood home and when I go there, I can recall some of the best years of my life growing up in such a wonderful family oriented neighborhood. I love Friendly Hills and want to strive to be involved in what happens here. As Your Neighborhood Specialist, I can assure you that property values are better here than other surrounding neighborhoods because through the years you have continued to maintain the integrity and condition of your properties. It truly shows as you see people take pride of ownership in regards to the condition of their homes.

As the years unfold, please know that it is important for you to be involved with the HOA and your neighborhood. I care about you and this neighborhood and know that I am here for you as a great resource in regards to Real Estate. That is why I'm sponsoring this website. My goal in creating this website was for you to have a resource at your fingertips to help you communicate and be on top of what is going on in your neighborhood. Whether buying and/or selling or just needing some assistance or general information, please don't hesitate to contact me. Just click on my link on the home page and know that I would be happy to help you because you and your family are Dear to My Heart!

Welcome Neighbor,
To Your Website

This was designed to enable you to have resources at your fingertips. It is easy to navigate and is an important tool in today’s world to stay on top of the events surrounding Friendly Hills Sections 3 & 5.

Friendly Hills was established in the early 1960’s and completely developed by the early 1970’s. This neighborhood is a wonderful place to live, grow and to call home.
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